Find out how to avoid tax penalties of up to 200% today...

We are a team of tax experts and we’d like to show you how to avoid nasty tax penalties from SARS and save you thousands of rands… maybe even R1 270 150.

Imagine SARS calls you and says they will be doing an audit of your business, you’re not worried as you know your accountant has paid all your taxes on time and your finances are up to date.

Following the audit you get an assessment saying you owe penalties of 200% and interest on all the money you owe, which means you will have to liquidate your business!
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This is what happened to Mr Da Costa because he didn’t know anything about taxes and relied on his accountant to ensure he was paying the correct amount of tax… and paying it on time. Instead he got an assessment of R1 270 150!

If you know your rights and what you should be checking every month you can prevent this situation from happening to you. That’s why Fleet Street Publications has created the Practical Tax Loose Leaf  for you.

This Loose Leaf provides practical tax advice in plain English (with no legalese), with step-by-step instructions, checklists and many, immediately understandable examples to make sure you know your rights, never pay too much tax or end up with penalties of as much as 200%.

Top SA experts write for the Practical Tax Loose Leaf

Experienced tax specialists give you hands-on advice on the right tax strategy for you to use to take the hassle out of any tax situation. In fact, one of our editors was a former SARS official for 16 years, so who better to give you insight into the inner working of SARS?

See for yourself how this Loose Leaf tackles your tax problems, giving you practical solutions that you will never find in other jargon-filled, technical publications on the market. And you can order it now and if you're not happy simply return it within 30-days for a full refund.

Best of all, try the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service now. If you're not happy, simply return it within 30-days for a full refund.

You will definitely find it worthwhile, even if you’re convinced of the abilities of your tax consultant. It’s simpler, faster and cheaper to look something up than to wait for your tax consultant or SARS to call you back. Of course, now  you can also check how good your tax consultant really is…

Get your Practical Tax Loose Leaf  today!